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    I just figured out that this board has email linked to it. Oops. my bad. LOL I have actually been lurking since the very early days, before the message board thing was set up the way it is now. It was and remains one of my favorite places to spend time. I post a bit more these days and love to read what everyone is thinking or new happenings. Things are very up to date and in pretty much real time in our little 'community'.
    You provide some great and amusing input!!
    I am about a year late, but at least I am figuring things out now. The bulk of my time here is spent while at work so I am only here sporadically.

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    Reply from MamaJunebug:

    Hey, char! I'm not much on the bells and whistles of this site, either, but I'm sure glad to hear from another FKian, especially one who posts so well and who appreciates my silly stuf.. See you on the board!
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    Mama! Today is your KUDO day! Have a great one! Turk


    Reply from MamaJunebug:

    Thanks, buddy! I'm finally home and looking at MY big black dog in -person. Love your avatar, your dog looks so much like mine.

    Hope your weekend's totally enjoyable.
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    Enjoy all your comments. So happy to be part of a group that can freely discuss and interact.


    Reply from MamaJunebug:

    char, how nice of you to leave a comment! I'm just learning to use the other features of the board, or I'd have responded lots earlier.

    Run Katie Run!